Lyon Elementary School was built in 1964. It is nestled quietly at the end of Florida Street in Covington, Louisiana, next to the Parish Fairgrounds. The school housed first through sixth graders. It consisted of a one classroom wing, a cafeteria, which also served as the school's library, and a gymnasium.

As the small town of Covington grew, so did Lyon Elementary School. The school enrollment increased from 250 students to approximately 600 at the present. Its classification has also changed to pre-kindergarten through third grade, with several special needs classes. The increase in enrollment brought about corresponding increases in faculty and staff. In addition, eighteen new classrooms, a new library, and expansions in the cafeteria were built to accommodate the growth. Within the last ten years, the facility has continued to expand. Twelve new modular classrooms were added in 1997. Another wing with six new classrooms and accompanying bathrooms were built in 2005. In 2006 a new administrative complex was completed with new offices and conference rooms.

Mr. Troy Jackson was the first principal of Lyon Elementary School and retired in 1991, leading the school for a total of 27 years. Mrs. Mary Ann Koon then became principal and retired in 2002. Mrs. Cheryl Childres was appointed principal until 2005 when Mrs. Jeanine Barnes became principal. In December 2019, Mrs. Barnes retired as principal of Lyon, and Mrs. Rebecca Birkett was named interim principal. In June 2020, Mrs. Birkett officially became the 5th principal of Lyon Elementary School.

Lyon Elementary School community is committed to technology. It is continuously strives to integrate technology into the curriculum and provide for the needs of a technologically advanced society. In the fall of 2006 the school's computer lab was completely overhauled with brand new computers to accommodate the size of any class. It also allows for professional staff development and inservices on technology and curriculum integration. Each classroom has four PC's, listening centers, and digital video equipment. Every first through third grade classroom was recently equipped with an interactive promethean board complete with docu-cameras and digital projectors. The multli-aged gifted classroom utilizes individual wireless interactive smartpads for each student's use.