3rd Grade Just Say No Walk & Rally~ Coming Soon
Dibels & Donuts~ Coming Soon
Second Grade Leaders (left) First Grade Earns a No Shoe Day for Great Behavior (right)
October Power Word~ EXPLORE
3rd Grade Explores Static Electricity with the Magic Spoon Test
3rd Grade Explores Honey Island Swamp

Exploring the Fair

Class of 2031

September Power Word ~ LEARN

Spirit Day~September
Open House
Spirit Day~August
August Power Word~ CONNECT

First Day of School

Teacher Professional Development~August
Mrs. Barnes, principal, named St. Tammany Parish Principal of the Year and state semi-finalist in the 2019 Principal of the Year Program held by the Louisiana Department of Education.

Left: Mrs. Barnes winning the green bike sponsored by Regions Bank.
Center: Mrs. Barnes presented with gifts and awards.
Right: Mrs. Barnes with Kelly Stomps, the 2016 State Teacher of the Year.

Lyon Elementary School