2nd Grade Visits the Aquarium

Terrific Kids~ March

Mrs. K's 3rd Grade Class~ Can they out-run a dinosaur?

Science Experiments with Mrs. Phelan's 1st Grade Class
Mardi Gras at Lyon

Walmart Mardi Gras Parade
Social Studies Day

Terrific Kids~ February

SRO Appreciation
100th Day of School

Holiday Programs~ Spreading holiday cheer for all to hear

Terrific Kids~ December

Veterans Day Program~ In honor of our armed forces that are serving or who have served our country, we take this moment to thank you for your service to our country. Lyon loves you!

Lyon Lagniappe~ A Night of Learning that was SUPER fun

Terrific Kids~ November

Fall Fest
3rd Grade Just Say No Walk & Rally
Second Grade Leaders (left) First Grade Earns a No Shoe Day for Great Behavior (right)
October Power Word~ EXPLORE
3rd Grade Explores Static Electricity with the Magic Spoon Test
3rd Grade Explores Honey Island Swamp

Exploring the Fair

Class of 2031

September Power Word ~ LEARN

Spirit Day~September
Open House
Spirit Day~August
August Power Word~ CONNECT

First Day of School

Teacher Professional Development~August
Mrs. Barnes, principal, named St. Tammany Parish Principal of the Year and state semi-finalist in the 2019 Principal of the Year Program held by the Louisiana Department of Education.

Left: Mrs. Barnes winning the green bike sponsored by Regions Bank.
Center: Mrs. Barnes presented with gifts and awards.
Right: Mrs. Barnes with Kelly Stomps, the 2016 State Teacher of the Year.

Lyon Elementary School