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Programs / Activities

Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activites

  • Elevate After School Program- Elevate is an after-school program for 1st-3rd grade students enrolled in participating Title I schools throughout St. Tammany Parish. The program’s mission is to “elevate” student achievement in reading and math fluency. The 2024-2025 program will run from September 23, 2024 through April 10, 2025. Interest forms will be sent home with the beginning of year paperwork. Acceptance and waitlist letters will be sent home before the start of the program. If you have any questions, please email Amber Verbois at 
  • Art Club- Lyon Elementary's Art Club is designed to give students the opportunity to engage in larger, more advanced artwork, work with new materials, learn about artists not discussed throughout the regular curriculum, participate in team projects with other students, and independent interest projects. Art Club is limited to 10 second/third grade students, selected by Ms. Henderson, who exhibit a high interest in the arts. Students currently enrolled in the Elevate after school program cannot participate. If you have any additional questions, please contact Ms. Henderson at